A major increase in efficiency and significantly shorter turnaround times for incoming invoices Infor LN - ISProjects - Factuurverwerking A major increase in efficiency and significantly shorter turnaround times for incoming invoices Infor LN - ISProjects - Factuurverwerking
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A major increase in efficiency and significantly shorter turnaround times for incoming invoices Infor LN

Efficiency and quality improvement through digital invoice processing

Smooth implementation and acceptance

Frank van Beers, Accounting & Customer Service Manager for Hero Benelux: “We wanted to improve the efficiency and the quality of our financial administration. Where, in the past, invoices regularly had to be copied, they are now stored as soon as they come in. The time we save in the process can now be spent on management tasks rather than on registration. The implementation went extremely well, and proper preparation was essential. We had drawn up a clear process plan with realistic deadlines. For us, testing was the most crucial step. We tested every scenario we could think of. The entire financial administration department was involved in the process, which helped generate a broad base of support. The users were trained individually. The training didn’t even take 10 minutes, because it’s so user friendly. Individual training meant that the acceptance rate of the digitalisation within the organisation was incredibly high. Just about everyone was enthusiastic about it, which is fairly unique for a change. We informed our suppliers of the digitalisation a week before we went live. They adjusted their systems right away and now around 95% of what we receive is digital!”

Insight into invoices

“The administrative employees have noticed a change in their activities. Before, they took a lot of calls asking for copies of invoices in response to reminders, and now that barely happens. They can devote more attention to accounts payable and receivable, which makes their work more interesting. We have also received compliments from employees in other parts of the organisation. Invoices are quickly and clearly available for the users and the email feature allows them to approve invoices. The advice feature in particular is key. It’s simple for a colleague to ask for advice before an invoice is approved. The explanation is immediately recorded in the system. It’s also clear now where an invoice is located within the organisation. The turnaround time for invoice approval has been cut down by 50%! The users no longer need to make copies of every invoice, because it’s so easy to search for them digitally,” says Van Beers.


Smooth implementation and noticeable improvements in efficiency through digital invoice processing!

Frank van Beers - Manager Accounting & Customer Service, Hero Benelux

Efficiency and control

“One major advantage is that the invoice can be approached from different angles. Whether it’s from the perspective of accounts receivable or from the general ledger, the invoice is immediately accessible. This is particularly important during closing periods. By applying process flows, everyone is required to follow the routing, which increases the quality of the administration and facilitates internal controls. Internal controls with respect to authorisations have dramatically improved. The workflow settings mean that we can optimally manage the authorisation process. Invoices can only be approved by authorised persons. This provides a lot of support during audits. There has also been a marked increase in efficiency within the organisation as a whole. Registration (block stamp, payee number, journal number, ledger account, approver, date, etc.) has been almost completely replaced by the automatic process. Another great advantage is the digital archive. Invoices can be accessed quickly and don’t get lost within the organisation. It’s of course important to keep looking for points for further optimisation. In the coming months, we will be conducting an internal inventory to identify even further areas for improvement,” concludes Van Beers.

Hero Benelux is part of the Swiss-based Hero Group, which is active in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and the Far East. Hero Benelux is headquartered in the Dutch city of Breda. The company strives to be a transparent, sustainable organisation with high-quality brand products. For this purpose, Hero Benelux works with the Hero Group and other partners to expand their knowledge, capacity for innovation, and growth potential, embracing the importance of sustainability and actively pursuing policies in that area.

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