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About us

About ISProjects

Over the last nineteen years, ISProjects has grown into the largest independent supplier of Procure-to-Pay
solutions in the Benelux. We develop smart software for invoice processing, expense claims, procurement and
contract management, amongst other things.

We take care of the development, sales, implementation and support of all our products ourselves. That way, we guarantee the very best quality and support. We now do that for over two hundred organisations. Read more about our unique features on this page.


isp_icon1 Plug-and-play Plug-and-Play

Our standard interfaces guarantee fast and smooth implementation with little effort on your part.

The quality of the interface and the experience of the invoice processing specialist with your specific ERP package are the critical success factors for fast and smooth implementation. Everyone knows them, the IT projects that take twice as long as agreed and became 3 times more expensive. Unfortunately, this also occurs in the world of electronic invoice processing. Opportunistic suppliers and customers who trust things will turn out just fine. Then the ERP package appears to be more complicated than expected and that’s when the trouble starts. Deadlines are not met, the budget is adjusted again and again and to make matters worse, your people in administration spend their valuable time testing and troubleshooting basic errors in the interface.

To prevent this, ISProjects has chosen to focus on and to invest in ERP-specific packages. By building high-quality and robust standard interfaces our solutions are easier to implement. Because the interfaces are supplied as a software module at a fixed price, there are no surprises with either the price or the delivered functionality. Under the maintenance contract you are entitled to new versions of the interfaces, if you change to a new version of your ERP package. So no surprises afterwards either.

isp_icon2 Turnkey Solutions. png Turnkey Solutions

ISProjects takes full project responsibility from scanning to the releasing the invoice for payment.

The main advantage of standard interfaces for which we supply both plug (invoice processing side) and socket (ERP side) is that we can take full project responsibility. Not only in the project but after go-live as well. This is not just nice for you but for us as well. No discussion about where the problem lies and who is responsible for the problem: you, your IT department, your ERP partner or the invoice processor after all. There is one point of contact where you can quickly and easily report your problem. Next, the right specialist is engaged and the problem is solved. We call this worry-free invoice processing.

isp_icon3 Fixed Price Fixed Price

Full clarity about what you will receive at what price and no surprises afterwards. That is standard provided with the ISProjects solutions.

Clarity in advance about the cost is of great importance to customers. Yet in many IT projects this is difficult to achieve. The customer does not know exactly what he wants and the supplier is unable to make clear what he supplies exactly. Often this leads to different expectations for customer and supplier, resulting in disappointments.
Thanks to the combination of the standard interface and the design of our software you pretty much know exactly what you will get, right from the first demo. To exclude any risk we always include a “fit/gap” analysis in our project approach. One of our consultants checks in detail our “best practice” process against your needs and requirements. In the event of any gaps, it is decided by mutual agreement whether the process or the design is to be modified. In that case we will send you an estimate of the required modification(s). When you then sign the contract, you will not be in for a surprise at a later stage.

isp_icon4 Partnership Partnership

We go beyond the supply and implementation of software. Using our “best practice” process, we make a real contribution to the optimization of your process.

Your objective in respect to the interest in the purchase and implementation of a solution for electronic invoice processing can improve your process quality but also the realization of efficiency. Whatever your goal is ISProjects is your ideal partner.
Our pro-active attitude, our experienced consultants and the design of our software based on a “best practice” process are key to a better process quality and an efficiency improvement.
Our pragmatic approach ensures an optimal price / performance ratio so even with a lower niumber of invoices you can expect a good business case. And “last but not least” our project approach ensures that we execute the implementation together with you, all project tasks aligned, so in many cases be able to go live after 6-8 weeks.

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