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To deliver a project successfully on time and within budget, it is important for the supplier to provide the right implementation services.

Business consultancy

The business consultants of ISProjects have extensive experience in optimising financial processes. During the analysis phase they will examine your processes with a positive critical mindset and where necessary give advice on possible improvements.

Application consultancy

The application consultants of ISProjects have extensive experience in implementing the ISProjects solutions. Based on the system blueprint they will configure the system. Furthermore, they are responsible for training the application administrators.

Technical consultancy

The technical consultants of ISProjects are responsible for installing and tuning the IBM web server environment and the application. They also arrange integration with the customer e-mail environment and the user management tool.

Scanning consultancy

The scanning consultants of ISProjects have extensive experience in optimising the recognition of your invoices. The main creditors are identified based on an analysis of your creditors records. Next, a target is defined in respect of the recognition rate to be achieved. Subsequently, recognition is optimised.

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