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Accessible invoice flow in SAP

b&g hekwerk en isprojects

No more paper invoices through process improvement with ISP-Invoice

Before B&G Hekwerk automated the invoicing process, most of it was still paper based. Not only time-consuming, but also difficult to control. In addition to the intended time efficiency, there was a great need for improved control and transparency. Once the decision had been made to automate the invoice processing procedure, the company launched a quest for a party that would integrate with its ERP system SAP. B&G chose ISProjects as its e-invoicing partner with ISP-Invoice incl. SmartScan. Result: B&G now easily retrieves invoices via the interface with SAP and analyses costs in the general ledger.

Implementation in three months

Willem Andree, controller at B&G Hekwerk, supports his colleagues by correctly processing the invoices. Furthermore, as the admin, he controls the configuration of ISP-Invoice. Willem talks about the introduction process with ISProjects: “After a demo of sales director Martijn Delfgaauw and the reference visit to another customer of ISProjects, we were convinced to do business with ISProjects.” 

Willem experienced the short completion time of just over three months as a plus. He explains how this worked: “We started with a kick-off to get all noses in the same direction. In this way, we were able to map out what our preferences were and what was necessary for setting up ISP-Invoice. Then we tested internally with four training days in a period of four weeks. The training days had a positive effect due to the 1-on-1 training of the employees. Bugs were picked up immediately before we went live. Since then, we have been live with ISP-Invoice and we work with it on a daily basis.”

Train the trainer

Ewoud Woudenberg, account manager at ISProjects, explains the induction process: “We apply the ‘Train the trainer’ concept. By transferring the right knowledge to Willem, he is able to perform as independently as possible. Willem: “The training induction worked well. The explanation to approvers within the organisation about the approval of invoices has been taken up internally through short meetings. The involvement was very high from both B&G and ISProjects.” Ewoud: “Naturally, we are ready to assist Willem with our support department behind the scenes.”

We can now focus on other administrative processes

Willem Andree - Controller bij B&G Hekwerk

No more paper invoices through process improvement with ISP-Invoice

Willem: “The cooperation is proceeding to full satisfaction. There are regular updates, which are extensively tested. We get a heads-up in due time before they run the updates. Everyone sees the advantages of digital processing and approval of invoices.” The SmartScan module also works to satisfaction: “The majority of the invoices are duly recognised, and this has many advantages. Only the XML files are not always recognised correctly yet. Both our suppliers, often smaller companies, and I do not always know how to solve this yet. So, we can optimise ISP-Invoice even further by working on the recognition capability. In this way, the XML files of our suppliers will also be better processed. The ultimate goal is to get a maximum recognition percentage.

Finally, Willem says: “The software of ISProjects has certainly delivered an efficiency boost for our financial department. We are using less paper and we process more invoices with fewer resources. We are very satisfied with the use of ISP-Invoice and will use it for years to come. The application will also be implemented for our branch in Belgium.”

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b&g hekwerk en isprojects

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