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Invoice processing in Infor M3

Complete invoice processing in Infor M3 and pleasant collaboration! Solid and complete interface with Infor M3 Jaïr Junge, Business Controller at Westland Kaas Group, says: “We process around 30,000 incoming invoices a year for locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain. In switching to Infor M3, we’ve selected a specialised solution for invoice processing. Incoming invoice processing is so essential and extensive that we...

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Purchase order process 90 percent more efficient in ISP-Purchase

Efficiency boost by digital processing purchase orders Generate time for other purchase activities Pieter Bergman, Head of Purchasing at Nedmag: “Every year we process about 1,100 purchase orders with 3 fte. Over 500 of those orders are operational purchase orders for consumables, such as work clothes and IT equipment from a number of selected parties. As we are facing an expansion of the work activities...

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Digital processing of expense claims with ISP-Expense

Efficiency improvement by digital expense claim processing Laborious manual expense claim processing According to Vincent Koks, Controller at Rivièra Maison: “We have a large number of expense claims in our organisation that can be divided into three different types: store employee travelling expenses, employee expense claims and field staff expense claims. Processing these claims used to be done by means of filling in and printing...

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ISP-Report provides insight into points of improvement

Improvement projects in invoice processing thanks to report module Better control and efficiency improvement of operational processes Paul Verwijst, Accounting Manager at Chubb Fire & Security says: “When you have about 50,000 invoices to process per year and have 185 ISP-Invoice users, it really is necessary to gain an insight into the invoice and activity flows. The standard solution, an Excel report, did not meet...

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Invoice processing in JD Edwards for DPD

Smooth implementation of and positive practical experiences with digital invoice processing Smooth implementation DPD Finance to Manage Team Leader Fred van de Wiel explains, “With regard to integration, the reason for us to choose ISProjects was the fact that – in addition to their other standard interfaces – they were the only ones to have a standard JD Edwards interface. That made it easy for...

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Substantial time savings by matching purchase orders JD Edwards

Shimano Europe meets growth with digital invoice processing As standardized as possible with a piece of highly efficient customized work Wim Hartog, Senior Manager Finance, Shimano Europe: “At first, we wanted to make use of a standardized solution. During the project, however, we found a need to perform customized work given the Asian descent of our products. Back then, this led to some delay in...

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Extensive functionality and audit trail in JD Edwards

Automates simple and repetitive activities for invoice processing Swift implementation Steve Vancraenem, Director of Accounting Europe, Shurgard: “The implementation project proceeded extremely fast. In only six weeks, we managed to implement live-versions in the entire European continent. Partly this has been the result of the good support and interaction between Shurgard and the ISProjects team during the implementation phase. Moreover, the ISProjects team provided us...

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Invoices directly visible in JD Edwards for United Biscuits

Full integration with JD Edwards and pleasant cooperation! Voucher logging and cooperation with implementation partner For some time now, ISProjects works with an implementation partner and together with them they built a solid interface with JD Edwards. Paul Hoogenbosch, Business Analyst, Pladis, says: “Voucher logging allows us to see invoices directly in JD Edwards. ISProjects is the only one of the potential suppliers who offered...

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Cooperating towards optimal invoice processing Baan

Invoices traceable at all times and a pleasant cooperation Faster invoice processing and visible in Baan André van Eekelen, Senior Accountant, Fokker Elmo, explains: “Never again lose your invoices and always know where they are located, which status they have and by whom they are processed. Our ERP package ‘Baan’ provides us with a direct link to a screenshot of the invoice in ISP with...

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