Digital processing of expense claims with ISP-Expense Digital processing of expense claims with ISP-Expense
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Digital processing of expense claims with ISP-Expense

Digital processing of expense claims with ISP-Expense

Efficiency improvement by digital expense claim processing

Laborious manual expense claim processing

According to Vincent Koks, Controller at Rivièra Maison: “We have a large number of expense claims in our organisation that can be divided into three different types: store employee travelling expenses, employee expense claims and field staff expense claims. Processing these claims used to be done by means of filling in and printing out an Excel form that subsequently was sent around for authorisation. After authorisation, these expenses were entered into the administration manually. A very laborious process with long processing times, which is tedious for the employees and is especially inefficient in terms of administration.”

Quick, easy and anywhere in the world

“Automating the expense claim process in ISP-Expense results in a much faster and more efficient process. Moreover, responsibility for authorisation is now instantly clear for everyone. The app is the ideal solution for our field employees who are not always at the office and are now given the opportunity of scanning their receipts and uploading and submitting their expenses via their smartphones. Furthermore, the employees submitting the expense claims will receive the payments faster thanks to the reduced processing time. The administration department also reaps the benefits because the employees assign the expenses to the different cost centers themselves and the process itself can be more easily tracked. In short: we are already experiencing the efficiency benefits and work together with ISProjects to further fine-tune the module!” Koks concludes.


Digitalization through ISP-Expense makes the expense claim process much faster and more efficient!

Vincent Koks - Controller, Rivièra Maison

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