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Process incoming invoices digitally in Infor

Process incoming invoices digitally in Infor Baan, Infor LN and Infor M3

ISP-Invoice has an extensive and advanced interface with Baan IV, Baan 5, Infor LN and Infor M3. You can request transactions from the digital invoice, including audit trail, from the interface.

If you change to a new version of Infor, ISProjects guarantees provision of new interfaces under a maintenance contract.

The benefits of an Infor integration with ISP-Invoice

Insight in the status of an invoice at any time thanks to the transparency of the process.

No lost invoices during the approval process.

The total cost per invoice can be reduced by up to 75%.

A digital invoice archive which allows managers and employees to easily look up invoices.

ISProjects - integratie

Automated matching of invoices based on purchase orders.

Standard delivery of web interface.

Registration of the invoices (APS100).

After approval of costs, booking on (costs) ledger accounts for the invoice (APS110).

Additional functionality for automatic matching of invoices based on purchase orders, such as matching by additional costs, supplier, general ledger account, etc. (APS100, APS360/B en APS360/H).

Automatic booking of price differences, following the bookinglines of M3 (APS900).

Possibility to match and book invoice unit (catchweight of alternatieve eenheid) different from order unit (APS100 en APS360).

Approval before payment (APS110).

Retrieve transactions of the digital invoice, including the audit trail, from Infor M3(APS200, APS215 en APS137).

Register the invoices (tfacp1110s000).

Grant the invoice after approval (tfacp1130m001, tfacp1131s000, tfacp1132s000).

Write off any costs or price differences (tfacp1133s000) after which the invoice is approved (tfacp1140s000).

Requesting transactions from the digital invoice, including the audit trail, from Baan IV, Baan 5 or Infor LN.

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What do Holmatro, Hero and Westland say about the integration of Infor with ISP-Invoice?

All available customer cases related to Infor:

Infor Baan cases:

Infor LN cases:

Infor M3 cases:

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Invoices always traceable and pleasant cooperation

Hero realiseert kwaliteitsverbetering door digitale factuurverwerking

Great efficiency gains and a considerable reduction in lead time for incoming invoices

ISProjects - Westland - case Infor M3

Complete invoice processing in Infor M3

ISP-Invoice integrates with many leading ERP systems:

Microsoft Dynamics 365
ISProjects - MD AX
ISProjects - MD NAV
Infor m3 LN Baan
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