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Extensive functionality and audit trail in JD Edwards

Shurgard Beeld Case

Automates simple and repetitive activities for invoice processing

Swift implementation

Steve Vancraenem, Director of Accounting Europe, Shurgard: “The implementation project proceeded extremely fast. In only six weeks, we managed to implement live-versions in the entire European continent. Partly this has been the result of the good support and interaction between Shurgard and the ISProjects team during the implementation phase. Moreover, the ISProjects team provided us with very useful advice that benefited the implementation of the approval process: they were never reluctant to discuss matters with the client and presented them with alternative routes in order to avoid the need to carry out many additional development activities.”

Extensive functionality and audit trail

“We now use a single system for scanning all invoices. This is a major advantage when working with five support centres that receive their invoices locally! Approvers can easily conduct their assessments by means of the web tool (highly flexible for frequent travellers, such as Facility Managers, who represent the largest volume within the organization). The integrated E-mail functionality allows you to send documents internally or to third parties, together with an automatic trace in the audit trail. This audit trail contains all the comments and routing of the invoice, from accounting to the definitive approval. Besides that, we also use a monitoring / reporting module. By virtue of this clearly organized functionality of the number of invoices, their process status and by whom they are processed, we have a better understanding of the problems that may occur. In turn, this allows us to adjust the process accordingly!”, Vancraenem concludes.


In only six weeks, we managed to implement live-versions in the whole of Europe!

Steve Vancraenem - Director of Accounting Europe, Shurgard

Starting in Belgium in 1994, Shurgard has become the largest operator, owner and developer of self-storage facilities in Europe, including 197 stores in 7 countries: France, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Shurgard offers simple and convenient solutions to individuals and businesses in specially constructed units of 1 to 30 square meters. Shurgard’s European network serves the needs of 126.000 clients by approximately one million square meters of rentable space.

Learn more about Shurgard.

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