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Invoice processing fully integrated with Dynamics AX

Digitale Factuurverwerking voor Pet Power

Extended functionality, user friendliness and matching delivery notes!

Matching line level and no additional AX licences.

Lennaert Bartelen, Financial Controller, PET Power: “Pet Power has wanted to improve the efficiency of invoice processing for years. No more paper flow, lost invoices or the need to put them into or take them out of folders. We also wanted tight workflow authorisation and to have invoices digitally available everywhere and at all times. To find a solution for these problems, we compared several software suppliers. ISProjects provided us with the best solution. What caught our attention most were the solution’s user-friendliness, clear, comprehensible screens, all-in-one package and matching of delivery notes. The latter is very important to PET Power. We often receive partial deliveries, which result in different delivery notes at a line level. The solution of ISProjects can automatically match these partial deliveries to the invoices at a line level, instead of as a total sum, and automatically prep them for payment. Having purchase orders, goods receipts and invoices exactly matching generates a huge efficiency advantage for us. In addition, all approval actions can be performed in ISP-Invoice. This means we do not have to purchase additional AX licences for users whose only task is to assess or approve invoices.”

Approve invoices outside AX

Marlène van Gestel, Finance Employee Accounts Payable, PET Power: “I find it very pleasant that we don’t have to constantly switch between ISP-Invoice and AX. The entire registration and approval of the invoice flow occurs in ISP-Invoice. The routes and workflow are also fixed here, which makes things very transparent. The only action in AX is the payment session, which is something we as administrators do in AX. I tested the system extensively and provided the internal training to other users. This generated an enormous advantage when we went live. Everything ran smoothly and my colleagues could immediately commence approving invoices.”


All invoices efficiently processed in MS Dynamics AX, including line recognition of delivery notes!

Lennaert Bartelen - Financial Controller, PET Power

Efficiency by matching invoices in AX

“One third of our invoices are logistical invoices. They are now processed incredibly efficiently, thanks to the automatic matching of the invoices at a line level in ISP-Invoice. We also receive approximately 6,000 cost invoices annually. We can now process them far more efficiently, because their approval takes place digitally instead of on paper, which involved taking the invoices out of and putting them back into folders. The next step concerns the further optimisation of the ordering process concerning cost invoices. We have opted to first implement the invoice-processing solution to allow users to slowly get used to the new working method. Now that we’ve been live for a while, we’re investigating the Purchase solution of ISProjects. To be continued…”, Bartelen concludes.

Logo Pet Power

PET Power BV is a young, dynamic company with more than 260 enthusiastic employees, operating in Europe. With quality as one of its foremost priorities, it produces synthetic PET packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry. In February 2015, PET Power became part of the globally-operating RPC Group. This conglomerate is a specialised group of more than 150 packaging companies and the global market leader in the field of packaging solutions. In addition to packaging, the companies also manufacture moulds and have decoration lines.

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