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Invoice processing in Infor M3

Factuurverwerking Infor M3

Complete invoice processing in Infor M3 and pleasant collaboration!

Solid and complete interface with Infor M3

Jaïr Junge, Business Controller at Westland Kaas Group, says: “We process around 30,000 incoming invoices a year for locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain. In switching to Infor M3, we’ve selected a specialised solution for invoice processing. Incoming invoice processing is so essential and extensive that we didn’t want it to be part of our ERP package. Alfa-Beta solutions and ISProjects have collaborated closely to build a solid interface with Infor M3. Alfa-Beta solutions implemented Infor M3 at Westland Kaas. Infor M3 offers the unique ability to add multiple units per order line, such as number of pieces and kilos or number per box and pieces. You can also use a different purchase price unit than the unit that’s used on the purchase order. Using Alfa-Beta Solutions’ Infor M3 knowledge in the food processing industry, ISProjects was able to develop an interface that makes it possible for Westland Kaas to use this unique M3 function for purchase invoices. ISProjects is completely focused on invoice processing, and it shows. ISProjects has delivered a stable, extensive invoice-processing solution using the existing standard solution and the best-practice experience they’ve gained with their clients. We’ve tested the solution extensively on, among others, the interface with Infor M3. We receive quite a wide variety of invoices, with zero, low or high VAT tariffs and sometimes even all of them together on a single invoice. We also receive expense invoices and logistics invoices by mail, in PDF and fully digitally. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that there exists now a good interface that will reap long-term benefits for us. The translations are also good and well received by my overseas colleagues.”

Positive collaboration

“This project has created a positive collaboration between Westland Kaas, Alfa-Beta Solutions and ISProjects that’s proving ever-more fruitful. The people behind ISProjects are a true added value, like Koen de Leijer and the support workers. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. They also really think through issues with us, always on the lookout for the right solution, which doesn’t take long! The next step is the purchasing module. We have quite an extensive marketing department, and until now, we’ve been monitoring that information using Excel spreadsheets. The purchasing module will bring us much more efficiency and clarity. Yet another step towards control, insight and oversight!” says Junge.


ISProjects is completely focused on invoice processing, and it shows!

Jaïr Junge - Business Controller, Westland Kaas Group

Factuurverwerking Infor M3Westland Kaas has been a trusted name on the global cheese market for nearly 80 years. Our Dutch business acumen has brought us great success with the Old Amsterdam, Maaslander, Westlite and Trenta brands. With expertise in cheese and the cheese market, we’re able to respond to the public’s demand for a healthy product that’s both innovative and surprising. We’re completely focused on marketing, sales and research and development. Our carefully selected partners manage the production and packaging of our cheeses.

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