Better control and efficiency improvement in invoice processing Better control and efficiency improvement in invoice processing
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ISP-Report provides insight into points of improvement

ISP-Report provides insight into points of improvement

Improvement projects in invoice processing thanks to report module

Better control and efficiency improvement of operational processes

Paul Verwijst, Accounting Manager at Chubb Fire & Security says: “When you have about 50,000 invoices to process per year and have 185 ISP-Invoice users, it really is necessary to gain an insight into the invoice and activity flows. The standard solution, an Excel report, did not meet our requirements. Drawing up reports ourselves was also not a viable solution for Chubb Fire & Security. We preferred a tailor-made module designed to draw up extensive reports easily in order to gain better control of operational processes and increase our efficiency. ISProjects developed a fitting solution in ‘Tableau’ that contains over ten standard reports. This gives us extensive filter options and the option of click-through capability to the corresponding invoice.”

Insight into the process and performance

“The report module helps us gain quick insight into the operational work load, the course of the process and our suppliers’ performances. The activity overview provides us a look into the current work load per activity and per user. The reports on processing times, outstanding payment obligations and expiry dates help us identify bottlenecks in the process. The reports on supplier performance provide information on issues like matching rate, credit notes per supplier and who sends us the most invoices. The large amount of information shows us how to improve our organisation. A number of improvement projects are already under way ranging from reducing processing times and approving invoices to increasing the matching rate and receiving invoices digitally. Thus the Finance department reaps the benefits of this module!” Verwijst concludes.


ISP-Report provides us with insight into where our process bottlenecks lie!

Paul Verwijst - Accounting Manager, Chubb Fire & Security

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