Contract Management
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Contract Management

ISP-Contract allows you to quickly and easily manage the complete life cycle of your contracts.


Predefined contract templates ensure that the right information is recorded and the right people are involved in reviewing and approving draft contracts. The system sends an automatic e-mail notification when the possible notice deadline is approaching. By using version management, contracts can be updated and modified whilst retaining the complete history.

Integrated use of the Contract Management solution with ISP-Purchase allows you to define one or more contract suppliers for each material group or category. In that case, users can only select these suppliers. If they wish to deviate from this, they will have to ask permission for placing an order with a different supplier. This allows you as a buyer to increasingly focus on the tactical purchasing process and leave the placing of orders to the users within the organisation, where contract compliance is safeguarded and the risk of maverick buying is also minimised.

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