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Expense Management

Streamline your expenses process with ISP-expense and the hassle of paper receipts is finally a thing of the past.


ISP-Expense allows you to optimise the process of approving expense reports, including financially processing these in your ERP or financial system.

The claimant can directly register receipts via the ISP- Expense app on a smartphone (iOS/Android). Claimants without a smartphone can easily register receipts using the web application.

In ISP-Expense, the claimant can convert the receipts entered with one click into a digital expenses report and submit it, at any time.

Thanks to the digital workflow, the expenses report is automatically routed to the various stakeholders, including financial administration for audit/coding and the authorising officer(s) for financial approval. The final step in the process consists of the financial processing in your ERP or financial system and informing the claimant. After verification, coding and approval, this is also performed automatically.

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