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Automatic matching

For your processing procedure to operate as efficiently as possible, we offer a fully automatic matching function.

Automatic matching of invoice at total amount and invoice line level

  • The invoices are automatically presented for matching to your ERP package through a fully integrated interface.
  • There the total amount of the invoice is automatically matched with the balance of the goods positions of the order numbers on the invoice for which an invoice has yet to be received.
  • If both these amounts are in balance and are less than or equal to the outstanding balance of the purchase orders, the invoice is posted automatically.
  • Besides automatic matching by total amount, it is also possible to automatically match at line level. The advantage of this is that partial invoices are automatically matched and price differences at line level are automatically detected.

Automatic handling of mismatches

  • In the case of a mismatch, your ERP package will generate an error report.
  • In that case, the invoice is automatically presented to the organisation for processing via the advanced workflow of ISP-Invoice or temporarily placed on hold until the goods have been received.
  • Once the differences have been explained and a decision has been made in ISP-Invoice with respect to the invoice, fully automatic administrative processing takes place.
  • Furthermore, routes can be created for processing the differences on purchase orders, where for each role it is established which difference they are authorised to approve.

Digital invoice approval

Processing invoices in ERP or Financial system

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