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Automatic recognition

Using the included scanning solution, you can easily digitize the paper invoice and PDF invoice flow .

“Free forms” recognition invoice data

The recognition software is based on “Free Forms” instead of templates.

When using templates you are required to create a template for each supplier and indicate where the information is on the invoice, which is very time-consuming. Therefore, the software of ISProjects uses “Free Forms” recognition. With “Free Forms” the location of the information is irrelevant, the software searches intelligently on the basis of a list of synonyms. This results in significant time savings.

Intelligent recognition at heading and line level

Information, such as supplier, invoice amount, invoice date, order number(s), total amount, VAT, VAT code and currency are automatically recognised. It is also possible to automatically recognise invoice lines. For each line, information such as item number, quantity, price item is automatically recognised. Using a large number of automated validations assures proper recognition. Consider checks such as “price x quantity = subtotal” or total of all subtotals = total amount exclusive of VAT”. In addition, it is possible to define supplier-specific layouts.

Experience shows that the software achieves a recognition rate of 70% to 90%!


Automatic Invoice processing

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