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Invoice archive and audit trail

The invoice archive and the audit trail allow you to save time and money and gain insight into your incoming invoices.

Save time and archival space

The digital invoice records of ISProjects allow you to save much time in storing and retrieval of inbound invoices. In addition, following approval from your tax inspector, you can dispose of all received invoices after scanning! Thus, you also save on storage space.

Integrated secure archive

ISP-Invoice has an integrated archive that can be searched using advanced search criteria to retrieve any invoice. The security of the archive ensures that only those invoices are shown for which one is authorised. It also displays the entire route of approval for each invoice line.

Retrieve invoices in ERP/financial system

The digital archive is fully integrated with most ERP and financial packages. When retrieving the outstanding invoices from a creditor, it is possible to view the digital invoice and audit trail with one click on the button. Depending on the ERP package this is also possible when retrieving the history of the documents, when retrieving the ledger transactions and when retrieving and editing the payment advice list.

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