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Structure in tasks thanks to ISP-Invoice


Structure in tasks thanks to ISP-Invoice

247TailorSteel, a sheet metal processing company with industrial clients, started working with ISP-Invoice for digital invoice processing in the summer of 2019. The company has seen strong growth in the past few years.

Clear insight into invoicing flows

Lars Oesterholt, financial administrator, is responsible for all software implementation processes. “Almost everyone is fairly new to the company. Our company developed at a very fast pace in the past few years. With about 18,000 clients and a steadily growing invoice flow, the financial department has a high workload! When we reached 10,000 incoming invoices on an annual basis, all printed manually, it was past time for digitisation. This gave rise to the necessary challenges.”


Clarity and insight. They are happy to critically review the current work process with you.

Lars Oesterholt - financial administrator at 247TailorSteel

The approval process was very time-consuming because it was a manual process. “After thorough research and comparing software suites, we selected ISProjects. The main reason is their expertise in e-invoicing. This is ISProjects’ core business; it is not just a secondary product to them.”

Great interface, user-friendly and insightful

The employees of the financial department are working with ISP-Invoice with full satisfaction after a short induction period. “It all works a lot faster and it is very easy to find.”

The approval process takes up significantly less time, which makes the approvers very happy too. The business has clear insight into the invoices to be approved, their status and the contact for each invoice. “We have saved a gigantic amount of time. After the implementation, some changes were necessary. These were resolved quickly. In particular our contact with the support department is great. Very friendly and clear!”

The previous work process in the trade payables had to be adjusted after the implementation of the e-invoicing software. “It was challenging to let go of our old process. ISProjects assisted and advised us relating to the design of our new process. Together, we reviewed what the new process should look like.”

“Due to using ISP-Invoice, we have realised significant time savings. In spite of the strong growth of our organisation and the number of invoices, we did not need to recruit any additional employees in the trade payables department. In the future, we aim to further optimise our accounting suite, Microsoft Navision. Reporting to the management in an insightful way is also on the wish list.”

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247TailorSteel has been operating in the sheet metal processing industry for over 40 years. 247TailorSteel delivers customised laser-cut sheet and pipe materials. Today, thousands of clients make use of the 247TailorSteel portal, Sophia®, for ordering custom-cut metal sheets, pipes and side parts.

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